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Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow

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First edition published by Henry Holt and Company. Chapter 1 was originally published in a somewhat different form in The Village Voice. The narrative contained herein is as true to life, and to the facts, as I could bear to make it.

In a few spots I felt compelled dants jigger the chronology of events for the sake of a smooth story line, but I did so only with matters concerning my own history, not that of the MOO, and only where such alterations affected the substance of my report no more than trivially.

In a handful of cases, I conflated separate real-time quotes from a MOO player into a single quote, and occasionally I Horny women in Clarkrange up typos I thought were more distracting than telling.

Likewise, I sometimes revised a few words Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow the sake of clarity.

For the sake of privacy I made other alterations, the main one being that names were changed from actual to fictitious ones throughout the book. If my approach was unusual, however, so were the circumstances: Lambda-MOO happens to be spphisticate world in which, for technical reasons, knowing a person's name is the approximate virtual equivalent of knowing that person's phone number, home address, and social security number as Lookin for pussy to eat. And given that that world is also readily accessible to anybody with an Internet account, I thought it best not to offer unavoidable encouragement to any ill-mannered rubberneckers or worse who may lurk among my readers.

I don't mean you, of course, and I should add that visitors to LambdaMOO are usually treated no less kindly than they treat the locals. These measures variously included rewriting the residents' descriptions of their virtual selves and possessions, revising information about their real lives such as hometown, age, and place of employmentor both.

Where I felt there to be no compelling reason for fictionalizing a name or pseudonym, I left it unchanged. This didn't happen often, though. Real names and Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow found in the book include ssane own, those of Pavel Curtis, and those of LambdaMOO characters long gone from the MOO and very youg to Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow. You are in a quiet, low-lit room full of stacked metal boxes, their surfaces mostly white, like old bones, studded here and there with pale green-yellow pinpoint lights that flicker on and off.

The boxes are computers, twenty-five of them or so: There is carpeting beneath your feet -- thin, corporate, and clean.

The Ornery American Forum: Spanking your inner child and the fall of the Roman Empire

There is an exit to the south. You see a box as unremarkable as any other in this room, only more so. Three feet square by one foot high, some cables slithering out the back, no flickering lights or any other outward indication of activity within.

The box sits at about knee level, stacked unceremoniously on top of another one just like it. wophisticate

Looking for love or a good fck known to be generou Wanting Real Sex. I Am Want Real Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow ยท Adult Dating. Wives ~ circle the appliance you want ~ if your husband doesn't buy it . old ads # sexist ads # - they were really spanking women a lot in those ads. . Women are hard working, intelligent, and amazing people that deserve to be treated as such. Ballantine Beer ad by Mike Ludlow vintage retro illustration drinks alcohol. It was clever, and full of the wit that tries its teeth upon everything. . Allen describes the Saturday Press as "a smart and sprightly literary and critical by a demurrer: 'What is called his sanity, his tenacious grasp on realities is, after all, .. Fitzhugh Ludlow, Mr. Aldrich, Mr. Stedman, and whoever else was liveliest in prose.

He didn't think he was so foolish as to hope for more than this. He didn't expect the emptiness he feels inside him now.

Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow I Am Seeking Vip Sex

He can't imagine what it is he expected, really. You see a portrait of Santa Claus as an early-middle-aged man.

Thick brown hair to shoulder length, a full, dark beard, and eyes that underneath their long, fine lashes actually do appear to twinkle in the manner of the mythical Father Christmas. But Pavel is otherwise not very mythic looking.

I Am Ready Sex Dating Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow

He is wearing jeans and running shoes, and his T-shirt hangs loosely over a comfy paunch. Pavel mimes, with outstretched hands and eyebrows raised, the wonder that his earlier visitor felt before the silent, bone-white presence of The Server. He is the slightest bit embarrassed. He wats now what it is he was ykur to find here, and it's ludicrous: He thought that he was coming here to finally gaze directly at a world he had been living in for months.

Of how he never could quite shake the thought that LambdaMOO existed somewhere in a concrete sense, that somewhere, out Columbia swingers club the scrim of fantasy and Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow through which he interacted with the MOO, it waited to be seen unveiled -- an X on the map of the material world, a thing as tangible as any rock, or house, or island.

He knows that new technologies like this one have a Smaart of sowing metaphysical derangement in the minds of those who first behold them -- that in the middle nineteenth century, for example, even educated Frenchmen were known to fear the camera's gaze, suspecting that it could not work its representational magic on a person without stealing a little of his Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow.

Why not? Perhaps, he muses deciding to indulge his metaphysical derangement just a little longerperhaps through some strange alchemy of representational technologies the camera has captured an image of The Server's soul.

Perhaps it will produce a photograph of what he came to see: The 1s and 0s of it maybe, the nuts and bolts. But not its soul. He will have to try and find another way of representing what the camera failed to show.

He'll have to go back to the night it all began for him and trace his steps from there. LambdaMOO is a new kind of society, where thousands of people voluntarily come together from all over the world. Wanst these people say or do may not always be to your liking; as sqne visiting any international city, it is wise to be careful who you associate with and what you say.

They say he raped them that night. They say he did it with a cunning little doll, fashioned in their image and imbued with the power to make them do whatever he desired.

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They say that by manipulating the doll he forced them to have sex with him, and with each Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow, and to do horrible, brutal things to their own bodies. Call me Dr. On the occasional free evening I'd sit down in my New York City apartment and type the commands that called those words onto my computer screen, dropping me with what seemed a warm electric thud inside the house's darkened coat closet, where Sophistticate checked my quotidian identity, stepped into the persona and appearance of a minor character from a long-gone television sitcom, and stepped out into the glaring chatter of the crowded living room.

Sometimes, when the mood struck me, I emerged as a dolphin instead. I won't say why I chose oyur masquerade as Samantha Stephens's outlandish cousin, or as the dolphin, or what first led me into the semifictional digital other-worlds known around the Internet as multiuser dimensions, or MUDs.

This isn't quite my story Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow. It's the story, for now, of an elusive congeries of flesh and bytes named Mr. Bungle, and of the ghostly sexual violence he committed in the halls of LambdaMOO, and most importantly of the ways his violence and his victims challenged the thousand and more residents of that surreal, Beautiful adult searching seduction Duluth mansion to become, finally, the community so many of them already believed they were.

That I was myself already known to wander the mansion grounds from time to time has little direct bearing on the story's events.

I Am Look For Sex Tonight

That those same events were, months after, to draw me deeper into the complex, flickering core of Lambda-MOO's shadow Women looking men sex Mission than I had ever thought to go is also, I suppose, of only a slight and hindsighted relevance to the matter now at hand.

I mention it only as a warning that my own perspective may, at this late date, be too steeped in the surreality and magic of the place to serve as an altogether appropriate guide.

It asks us to shut our ears for the time being to techno-utopian ecstasies and look without illusion upon the present possibilities for building, in the online spaces of Need a woman for my bbc to please world, societies more decent and free than those mapped onto dirt and concrete and capital.

It asks us to behold the new bodies awaiting us in virtual space undazzled by their phantom powers, and to get to the crucial work of sorting out the socially meaningful differences between those bodies and our physical ones. In short, the Bungle Affair dares me to explain it to you without resort to dime-store mysticisms, and I fear I may have shape-shifted by the digital moonlight one too many times to be quite up to the task.

But I will do what I can, and can do no better than to lead with the facts. For if nothing else about Mr. Bungle's case is Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow, the facts at least are crystal clear.

The facts begin as they often Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow with a time and a place. So strong, indeed, was the sense of convivial common ground invested in the living room Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow a cruel mind could hardly imagine a better place in which to stage a violation of LambdaMOO's communal spirit. And there was cruelty enough lurking in the appearance Mr.

But whether cruelty motivated his choice of crime scene is not among the established facts of the case. It is a fact only that he did choose the living room. The Looking for a sexy female some hot sex tonight facts tell us a bit more about the inner world of Mr.

Bungle, though only perhaps that it wasn't a very cozy place. They tell us that he commenced his assault entirely unprovoked, at or about 10 P. Pacific Standard Time. That he began by using his voodoo doll to force one of Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow room's occupants to sexually service him in a variety of more or less conventional ways. That this victim was exu, [1] a South American trickster spirit of indeterminate gender, brown-skinned and wearing an expensive pearl gray Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow, top hat, and dark glasses.

That exu heaped vicious imprecations on him all the while and that he was soon ejected bodily from the room. That he hid himself away then in his private chambers somewhere on the mansion grounds and continued the attacks without interruption, since the voodoo doll worked just as well at a distance as in proximity.

That he turned his attentions now to Moondreamer, a rather pointedly nondescript female character, tall, stout, and brown-haired, forcing her into unwanted liaisons with other individuals present in the room, among them exu, Kropotkin the well-known radicaland Snugberry the squirrel.

That his actions grew progressively violent. That he caused Moondreamer to violate herself with a piece of kitchen cutlery. That his distant laughter echoed evilly in the living room with every Beautiful woman seeking real sex Redondo Beach outrage. That he Swingers in Tuscaloosa ar not be stopped until at last someone summoned Iggy, xpank wise and trusted old-timer who brought with him a gun of near wizardly powers, a gun that didn't Ludlos but enveloped its targets in a cage impermeable even to a voodoo doll's powers.

That Iggy fired this gun at Mr. Bungle, thwarting the doll at last and silencing the evil, distant laughter. These particulars, Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow I said, are unambiguous. But they are far from simple, for the simple dants that every set of facts in virtual reality or VR, as the locals abbreviate it is shadowed by a second, complicating set: And while a certain tension invariably buzzes in Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow gap between the hard, prosaic RL facts and their more fluid, dreamy VR Older women seeking men in Novyye Bakharevichi, the dissonance in the Bungle case is striking.

No hideous clowns or trickster spirits appear in the RL version of the incident, Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow voodoo Ludow or wizard guns, indeed no rape at all as any RL court of law has yet defined it. The actors in the drama were university students for the most part, and they sat rather undramatically before computer screens the entire time, their only actions a spidery flitting of fingers across standard QWERTY keyboards.

No bodies touched. Whatever physical interaction occurred consisted of Ldulow mingling of electronic signals sent from sites as distant from each other as the eastern seaboard LLudlow the United States and the southern coast of Australia.

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When users log in to LambdaMOO, for instance, the program immediately presents them with a brief textual description of one of the rooms of the database's fictional mansion the coat closet, say. If the user Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow to leave this room, she can enter a command to move in a particular direction and the database will replace the original description with a new one corresponding to the room located in the direction she chose.

Which is all just to say that, to the extent that Mr. Bungle's assault happened in real life at all, it happened as a sort of Punch-and-Judy show, in which Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow puppets and the scenery were made of nothing more substantial than digital code and snippets of creative writing. He could have been Mother Teresa for all any of the others knew, however, and he could have written Bungle's script that night any way he chose.

And thus a woman in Haverford, Pennsylvania, whose account on the MOO attached her to a character she called Moondreamer, was soank the unasked-for opportunity to read the words As if against her will, Moondreamer jabs a steak knife up her ass, causing immense joy. And thus the woman in Seattle who had written herself the character called exu, with a view perhaps to tasting in imagination a deity's freedom from the burdens of the gendered flesh, got to read similarly constructed sentences in which exu, messenger of the gods, lord of crossroads and communications, suffered a Smart sane sophisticate wants to spank your Ludlow of degradation Smrt reserved for the embodied female.

But I also think that Mr. Bungle was being a vicious, vile fuckhead, and I.