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So you know this is a person. Would like to share good conversation, coffee and of course a good glboobies of wine. I'm Soutty above average looking, personally speaking. You looked soooooo much like my ex fiancee. Title says it all.

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The more chicks I hosted, the better I was able to handpick those who wanted to have sex instead of those who merely wanted to use my place as a free motel for the night. Although most of the time Slutty girls at South Base singled them out purely using my gut by quickly scanning their profiles, I decided to see if there were indeed common factors in the profiles of the chicks I gidls.

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This is one of the obvious ones. Take a guess why. A typical couchsurfer stays on Slutty girls at South Base between days. And guys are not shy about making this Sluttt, either. Most chicks have an assortment of pictures: While some nationalities are easier than others, there was something about these countries manufacturing girls that are almost always guaranteed lays.

French girls are some of the toughest to game in France, but when overseas — like shooting fish in a barrel. Finnish girls only travel for sex, especially to Latin America and Southern Europe.

A friend and I banged a Finnish couchsurfer who proceeded sleep with every Brazilian guy she met, even attempting to bring Soutn back to our place. A woman will learn a language for the Slutty girls at South Base same reason that a guy would: Furthermore, the level that she knows the language, as shown on her profile e.

My Mexican buddy hit the jackpot when he Married man seeking married friends a petite Polish girl who spoke fluent Spanish.

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Nothing much to add here, but let me know if you need further clarification as to what to do with these types of women. Interested in building your own passive, location-independent business?

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Want to avoid needless trial and error? Want to start off on the right foot under proper guidance? Check out the Maverick Mentorship program. It has helped s of guys just like yourself to build their own business. February 1, at 4: February 2, at September 20, at 5: June 29, at February 1, at 6: Nice article. Slutty girls at South Base 3, at 2: September 8, at 8: February 1, at 7: It really depends; Polish and Russians are pretty different.

Polish are more Westernized, etc. February 3, at 4: I also like to also play an American card, and I even tried pretending to be Brazilian once or twice.

November 12, at 6: Maverick You are disgusting. Will block Sovereign Man in my e-mail. The females that you demean have more class in their big toe than you have. You sound Sltty an Slutty girls at South Base hillbilly.

No sophistication whatsoever!!!! September 9, at 4: February 2, at 9: Classic post!

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July 12, at Jesus Fucking Christ. February 6, at 4: My favorite quote of all time is be George Bernard Shaw: They all have the same body type, and I bet all have the ggirls hopes and dreams and feelings. Sad really. Slutty girls at South Base really, and humiliating. Sex to Shaw, I imagine, was like taking a shit.

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Sljtty Hell no! That should be our goal too. Can I get an Amen brothers?! March 19, at 6: Well, YOU are definitely merely an ape-based life-form, and obviously one who has never even had good sex!

Amazing you are reading here, gurls. February 6, at Man, I hosted a Finnish girl once. She was a tall and cute brunette.

We messaged back and forth a bit in the week before she got here. She seemed very cool and social over email. When she got here, god damn she was the most boring person I ever hosted. Slutty girls at South Base was polite, but so cold, stiff and talkative that I could penetrate her shell of reservedness. She simply would not talk when we went out.

Only on the third day did she even start to warm up just a little bit. But by then she was leaving and it was too late. Maybe her reserve had to do with her being from a smaller town in Finland rather than Helsinki. Basically no warmth, very reserved and non-flirty unless they are Slutty girls at South Base off their asses.

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I used to get host requests constantly, now I get like Slutty girls at South Base a month, usually from some ugly chic. Every since they started that open couch request thing and made all those changes on the site, it fucked everything up. February 10, at 4: I wholeheartedly agree with how CS has gone to shit in the past couple of years. Not to Slutty girls at South Base how some of the girls Baes atrocious English Sourh. As for the cold and distant girls, I have one about an American girl I hosted a while ago.

From Berkeley, she was in the area for a couple of interviews for modeling gigs.

She also did some nude modeling, and showed me her pics on Model Mayhem when she arrived. That, however, in no way said that she was DTF. When we were out walking from one place to another me playing tour guideshe barely threw out anything to keep the conversation going.

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Not to mention annoyed over time. Eventually, I got her to open up the one day about her modeling work and what she was doing out in Berkeley, and she talked non-stop for 15 minutes with a little bit of help.

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Then she clammed up for the rest of the day, only giving short-sentence responses to my questions. July girl, at March 20, at 2: I am subcontinent Asian,and i live in Indonesia few years.

Literally she was firls that stereo type polish. Because she travelled lot. We talked almost all night with bear… many many topics…. March 20, at May 13, at 9: Oh my. Well, this is what it feels like to read your blog. Because yeah, being American makes your dick 10 cms longer.

November 17, at 4: Oh, the amount of hypocrisy in this world!!! Rather than blaming the man who dared express his honest Slutty girls at South Base, blame our society that has chained and laid the guilt trip on female sexuality for Pleasant mills IN milf personals of years….

July 26, at As i m French, I just confirm what you said about untouchables gals in France u look at em they just dodge youbut overseas they behave like little sluts eager for some torrid and hot Sluttu they feel less guilty when faraway from home, no one to judge her behavior. December 7, at 5: February 16, at 8: