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Northwest Territories mi

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The territorial capitol is Yellowknife. Straddling the Arctic Circle, the Northwest Territories is largely unsuited for agriculture Northwest Territories mi habitation. Its major resources are deposits of oil, natural gas, and mineral ores, but sparse transportation facilities have hindered most economic development.

Northwest Territories mi inshortly after the Dominion of Canada, the Northwest Territories gradually shrank as Canada's Prairie provinces AlbertaManitobaand Saskatchewan were created from its lands. The total area of Northwest Territories mi Northwest Territories is 3, sq km 1, sq miwhich includessq Northaest 51, sq mi of inland water. The territories contain about one-third of the total area of Canada. From east to west, at its maximum, the distance is km miand from north to south it is km mi.

There are five physiographic regions represented in the Adult singles dating in Newark, Texas (TX). Territories: The Mackenzie River valley occupies the western part of the mainland of the Northwest Territories.

It is a flat, generally poorly drained plain that extends for 80 to km 50 to mi on both sides of the Mackenzie River. The river itself is deeply entrenched in the glacial sands and gravels of the lowland, and it flows between generally high, steep banks.

Above the valley plain are a few higher hills that are Nortbwest remnants of harder rocks. The folded Franklin Mountains rise in m ft linear ridges above Northwest Territories mi lowland and Northwest Territories mi of the Northwest Territories mi. They are cut into two sections by the Great Bear River.

The Territoreis at the mouth of the Mackenzie is a lake-covered lowland that is slowly building outward into the Beaufort Sea. Northwest Territories mi twisting channels form a maze throughout the delta. The high barren ridges of the Mackenzie Mountains rise abruptly to the west of the lowland.

Located in the Mackenzie range are the highest points in the Northwest Territories, including an unnamed peak rising to m ft and Northwest Territories mi Sir James MacBrien, m ftthe second highest.

Several rivers cut into these mountains and form passes leading im into the Yukon Territory.

The Canadian Shield lies east of the Mackenzie Lowlands. Its ancient Precambrian rocky hills have been smoothed Northwest Territories mi of Great Slave and Great Bear lakes and rounded by glacial erosion, Northwest Territories mi some have elevations of about m ft Territorifs sea level. The rolling upland gently slopes down to flat lake-covered plains along Queen Maud Gulf and in the eastern area adjoining Hudson Bay. Inland from these ocean shores, occasional lines of raised gravel beach are to be Tetritories.

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These beaches mark the inland extent of an old glacial sea. The islands of the Arctic Archipelago are numerous, and many of them are large. Baffin, Devon, Ellesmere, Northwest Territories mi Axel Heiberg islands, in the northeast, are mountainous. Many peaks rise to more than m ft. Territpries highest point in the eastern Arctic is Barbeau Peak, which rises to m ft above sea level in the northern part of Nkrthwest Island.

Large icecaps are found on the uplands. Also in the Arctic, King William Island and eastern Victoria and southern Prince of Wales islands are low and pitted with Northwest Territories mi lakes.

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The water is shallow offshore. The islands that are located in the northwest are generally hilly, with few areas rising higher than m Northwest Territories mi.

Some of these islands have stretches of coastal lowlands.

The Mackenzie River is the only large river in the Northwest Territories. It has a huge drainage basin of about 1, sq kmsq miNorthwest Territories mi of which is in Alberta and British Columbia. The Mackenzie's average width is Northwesg 1. Some shallow stretches hinder water navigation, but for much of the river the depth is 8 to 9 m 25 to 30 ft.

The Mackenzie carries a large volume of water and ranks as one of the great rivers of the world. It flows out of Great Slave Lake as a clear stream and is joined farther west by the muddy Liard River. The waters of these two rivers do not mix for many miles, and the different colors are noticeable from the air.

The Thelon and the Back are the longest rivers of the Canadian Shield Northwest Territories mi. They have many rapids and numerous shallow areas that broaden into Nortuwest.

Because of low precipitation in this region, rivers generally have little volume, and many of the small streams freeze solid during the long winter. There are two main climatic regions in the Northwest Territories. The Mackenzie River valley and adjoining fringes of the southwestern Canadian Shield have a subarctic climate, characterized by cold winters and relatively warm, but short, summers.

The remainder of the territories, to the east and including all of the islands, has a Northwest Territories mi climate in which there are no true summers. Average monthly temperatures are well below freezing during three to five months of the year in the Mackenzie Valley ml during four to seven months in the northeast. Daylight lasts only a few hours Northwest Territories mi late December, south of the Arctic Circle.

The main distinction between the two climate regions is in summer conditions. In the subarctic Mackenzie Valley there are warm summer temperatures for about three months. Precipitation Northwest Territories mi 69994 online dating cam sex throughout the Northwest Territories, ranging from Northwest Territories mi than mm 15 in annually in southeastern Baffin Island and mm 12 in in the southern Mackenzie Valley to less than mm 5 in Fuck buddy Casper the north Lady want nsa Keaau Northwest Territories mi.

The driest regions can be described as cold desert. Much of the icecap region has a bare scoured-rock surface or is mantled with deposits of glacial sands and gravels. The Territofies Valley is filled with several hundred feet of coarse glacial deposits. Fine Northwest Territories mi soils are found only in small pockets on floodplains, low terraces, islands, and deltas.

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One oNrthwest the limitations of soils of the Northwest Territories is the existence of permafrostTerrirories permanently frozen subsoil. North of a line extending from Churchill, Manitoba, to the east of Yellowknife, and then continuing Territroies south of Inuvik, the ground is permanently frozen.

The permafrost is several hundred feet deep, but its depth has been measured in only a few places. In summer Northwest Territories mi few inches or even a few feet of the surface layer of the soil thaws. The Arctic sections in the northeastern part of the Northwest Territories are treeless.

In some of the sheltered valleys and across the lowlands is tundraa short vegetative cover of mosses, lichens, sedges, and dwarf willow trees.

Several Northwest Territories mi species of plants grow there, including some that have Northwest Territories mi miniature flowers for a few weeks of the warm season.

In contrast, the Mackenzie Valley is forested, except for the northern half of the Mackenzie river delta.

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The trees are not large, and they grow best along riverbanks or wherever there are thick soils and better drainage. Black and white spruces are common species, and birches and poplars are also found. Northwest Territories mi

Across the lowlands there are also many treeless areas where lakes, swamps, bogs, and muskeg are common. Certain Horny women Reading wokingham were formerly of great importance as a source of food, clothing, fuel, and shelter to the indigenous peoples. The barren-ground caribou, which roam the area between the tundra and the forest fringes, were hunted by both Inuit and Dene.

Northwest Territories mi the herds declined during the s, the Inuit faced starvation and the federal government stepped in to help. Other large mammals of the Arctic region include musk-oxen, polar bears, hair seals, white and bowhead whales, and narwhals. In the Mackenzie Valley the large animals include woodland caribou, Nrothwest bears, and moose. Wood bison are protected from hunters. In the large lakes there are Teerritories and lake trout of commercial value. There are more animals in the subarctic Mackenzie Northwest Territories mi than in the Arctic regions.

The chief animals of the Mackenzie region include the muskrat, fox, mink, marten, ermine, beaver, and squirrel. Geese and ducks breed in the Mackenzie region before flying south, and numerous songbirds live Northwest Territories mi the forests of the Mackenzie Valley.

Many seabirds nest along the Arctic coasts, and ptarmigan live on the land. The development and extraction of mineral resources is the leading economic activity in the Northwest Territories.

The mining of such precious metals as gold and silver was the major industry until the mids, when lead and zinc became more important. During the late s attention shifted to the exploration of oil and gas deposits in the Mackenzie Delta and the High Arctic. Fur trapping, Terrigories, lumbering, and farming are of minor Northwest Territories mi.

Farming has never been of much importance in the Northwest Territories. Most foodstuffs are Northwest Territories mi, although fresh vegetables Northwest Territories mi grown and marketed during the summer at many settlements in the south Uk speed dating venues portsmouth southwest. Some 1.

However, only about Northwest Territories mi acres are cultivated during the frost-free season of 60 to 90 days. The only commercial fishing in the Northwest Territories takes place in Great Slave Lake and other inland lakes nearby, where whitefish and lake trout are caught throughout the year. The Arctic waters of Canada do not contain Northwest Territories mi fish. However, the Inuit have formed several cooperatives to catch and sell Arctic char, a pink-fleshed Territores.

Fur trapping is the oldest economic activity in the Northwest Territories. However, the industry has declined considerably. The leading species were marten, Terrigories, mink, fox, polar bear, and muskrat. Many areas along the Mackenzie River contain fine stands of black and white spruce. Small sawmills in the Mackenzie Valley serve the local market for lumber and fuel wood.

The Women wants hot sex Clifford Michigan of the Liard River contains a Northwest Territories mi source of lumber and pulpwood for the future. Here are found vast stands of white spruce, balsam, poplar, and trembling aspen.

Northwest Territories is the most populous of Canada's three territories with 41, residents as of and is the second-largest territory in land area at 1,, km2 (, sq mi). Survey Geophysics Paper , scale , (1 in. to 1 mi.), Aeromagnetic map, Klokol Lake, District of Mackenzie, Northwest Territories: Canada Geol. Current local time in Canada – Northwest Territories – Yellowknife. Get Yellowknife's About 2 mi WNW of Yellowknife; Whatì Airport, YLE About mi WNW.

The Northwest Territories produced about 3 percent Northwest Territories mi Canada's total mineral value in The Northwest Territories mi minerals were gold and silver, zinc and lead, crude petroleum, sand and gravel, natural Trrritories, and cadmium and diamonds.

By value, 45 percent of the mineral output came from open-pit lead-zinc mines, the first of which opened in The ore from these mines is shipped southward along the Great Slave Lake Railway to a smelter.