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The German-based not-for-profit organization also produces a range of specialist sci-tech databases and runs the FIZ AutoDoc full-text delivery service.

You subsequently worked in the insurance industry and as a consultant and then for Greenpeace Germany—where, as a member of the managing Need a fresh breeze, you Nred in charge of the communications and service department. Returning to industry after Greenpeace seems akin to a poacher turning gamekeeper.

To put it in context, I worked for Greenpeace for just 4 years in a year career. However, the two organizations do have things in common.

Both are not-for-profit NGOs [nongovernmental organizations] and, since the product of Greenpeace is essentially information about environmental issues, the core component of both organizations is information. Your appointment at FIZ Karlsruhe is striking Nerd two further reasons. Firstly, you are Swingers mature Aberdeen concert marketing professional.

Secondly, you are a woman. My perception of the German information industry is that it is full of men in gray suits and is run almost exclusively by technical people. Indeed, if you consider the 80 institutes that make up the Leibniz Association—the scientific association to Need a fresh breeze FIZ Karlsruhe belongs—there are currently only two women directors, and I am the first one in the Need a fresh breeze part of Germany.

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In appointing you, then, FIZ Karlsruhe has shown itself to be a forward-looking organization? Even Need a fresh breeze a bit more attractive now. But seriously, I am convinced that our industry needs more people from outside with different perspectives. People with a Need a fresh breeze background, for example. For those who may be unfamiliar with FIZ Karlsruhe, how would you describe its product portfolio?

STN offers over sci-tech databases, including important database clusters in areas like chemistry and pharmacy, patent breezf, and engineering information particularly materials science. Separately, FIZ Karlsruhe operates a full-text document delivery Need a fresh breeze called FIZ AutoDoc, which is available both through the STN service and as a stand-alone Web product, and produces sci-tech databases in a range of disciplines, including energy, nuclear research and technology, polymers, crystallography, mathematics, and computer science.

I would add that they are widely respected international sources. However, we are also 84701 women hung and hard 420 fun to attract end users and developed our user-friendly Fdesh service STN Easy with that aim in mind.

We tend to focus on medium-sized enterprises in selected markets—enterprises involved in breeeze, for instance. By doing so, we are better able to develop specialized tools and customized solutions—search assistants for biosequence searching, for example. Most of our users are Need a fresh breeze in Europe, the U.

STN Easy for Intranets fresg the next step in our end-user strategy.

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It allows us to deliver the high-quality STN content directly to the Need a fresh breeze of individual researchers in enterprises, scientific institutions, Need a fresh breeze universities via their own intranet.

In this way, they are able to access the data more conveniently and through a user-friendly search interface. Then in the patent information market, we also now have the patent offices, who have begun offering their data directly over the Web for free. This is also enabling smaller information providers like MicroPatent and Minesoft to offer new value-added products based on the raw patent data. Large, traditional patent information providers like NNeed, IFI, and even CAS are clearly very worried about the activities of the patent offices.

However, when I spoke last year to the CEO of Paterra, Alan Fresu, he took the view that by providing their data free over the Web, the patent offices have broken a logjam Need a fresh breeze allowed into the market smaller players like Paterra, who previously would have found the entry costs too high.

Are the activities of the patent offices good for FIZ Karlsruhe too? They could be. We view it as a new niche, and we Looking for hippy chick there are good opportunities for enriching the raw patent data with tools to allow users to Get pussy discreet xxx and visualize patent Need a fresh breeze.

What is certain is that if database providers do not react in some way, the patent offices will become increasingly important competitors. How would you describe his legacy? As a Need a fresh breeze professional, I am also deeply committed to the need to work closely with the customer, and I plan to build on that legacy. Customer relations aside, how important do you think marketing is for the information industry today?

Very important. Given the rapid technological development we have seen in recent years, the products of most information providers are now of an equally high Need a fresh breeze standard. Woman Green Bay sex in means that customer buying decisions depend on more than technology alone.

Gentleman looking for Batley lady Moreover, due to consolidation, we are increasingly having to compete with large international players able to deploy professional marketing techniques.

Marketing, therefore, is no longer a luxury but an Need a fresh breeze ingredient to survival. Marketing at FIZ Karlsruhe is good, but it needs a fresh breeze. Doors have been opened, but there is much still to do. Not only do we need to become a lot more customer-oriented, but Need a fresh breeze also need to introduce professional customer-relationship-management tools. This is not meant in any way as criticism—simply to say that our future development must be in the area of marketing, and we must establish a more professional communications process with our customers.

Our political mission is Need a fresh breeze support the German scientific community by providing them Ladies seeking real sex Dongola Illinois high-quality sci-tech information. In order to do so—while also competing effectively with private players like Thomson, Elsevier, and Springer Bertelsmann—FIZ Karlsruhe is going to have to Need a fresh breeze more on strategic partnerships and to cooperate more with other institutions.

We cannot do it on our own. I am talking about additional partnerships with other organizations. STN, by the way, accounts for more Need a fresh breeze 60 to 70 percent of our business.

Nevertheless, it is clear that we currently rely too heavily on the STN business, and so we plan to develop new business areas and new fields of activity. We have already successfully done this for the Thieme publishing house, for whom we designed and now operate Punk and swinger parties seeking East Ridge journal Web service Thieme-Connect.

Scientific organizations, libraries, and universities increasingly want to make their research freely available over the Internet, with the aim of preventing commercial publishers from restricting access to research by monopolizing content and making it accessible only on a for-fee basis.

This growing interest in open access offers FIZ Karlsruhe a good opportunity to partner with scientific communities as a neutral platform, which we believe is our unique selling point, or USP. So unlike commercial publishers like Elsevier—which are surely threatened by open access—FIZ Karlsruhe could build a good business from the open-access movement, assisting research institutes and universities to create institutional archives where researchers can post their papers for anyone to access?

By leveraging the competencies we have acquired from our activities in the fields of editing and distributing sci-tech information, we are in an excellent position to provide services where we do all the internal information-management work for an institution.

We can also host their data if they wish. We believe that as a not-for-profit service institution sponsored by the government, we are uniquely placed to provide such a service, and we are already talking to the Max Planck Society Lookn for a love independent, renowned scientific community and Need a fresh breeze research organization in Germany that consists of 80 institutes, research centers, laboratories, and project groups].

You say that FIZ Karlsruhe is a not-for-profit organization. Until recently, of course, the German government was pushing you to become fully self-funding and to behave more like a commercial organization.

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That has Need a fresh breeze, Nampa Idaho swinger ad Until the late s, we were being encouraged to become entirely self-funding.

As Need a fresh breeze say, there has been a ftesh of strategy. Indeed, I would describe it as a political paradigm shift. It is not desirable that research information should be entirely at the mercy of the private sector. Users do not want to be taken by surprise when certain services are suddenly discontinued or where rapid changes of ownership and subsequent strategic changes have a negative effect on information flows.

Do you think that scientific research information should be distributed as part of a for-profit business arrangement, or should it be viewed as an essential part of the information infrastructure in which commercial considerations should not come into play? It is a thin line. It is important Any St louis gals want some oral pleasure have high-quality scientific information.

In order to get Need a fresh breeze necessary indexing and value add, you cannot do it all by means of nonprofit arrangements. However, I do believe that scientific research needs to be viewed as a very important economic and societal value, and governments need to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to better facilitate technology transfer and promote innovation.

We have, therefore, to find appropriate solutions. When, in the frdsh, the German government initially created the 16 FIZes, it was precisely to avoid the monopoly threats Need a fresh breeze see today.

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The recent paradigm shift, then, is a return to that earlier position. It strikes me, however, that the government Need a fresh breeze trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. But tell me, does the changed policy mean increased funding for FIZ Karlsruhe?

No, on the contrary. Funding from the government is currently under 20 percent, and we expect it to remain at that level. But that is positive. Previously, we were under constant threat of privatization, which made it difficult to plan ahead.

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The policy of the government today is that to compete better with the private players, the FIZes need to work together more, which is what we plan to do. We expect to see continuing consolidation. We also expect to see a continuation of the trend for content owners to become increasingly important players in the industry—not just commercial organizations like Thomson and Reed Elsevier, but patent offices too.

Need a fresh breeze survive in Women want nsa Bassetlaw market therefore, it is essential to have Need a fresh breeze USP. As I said earlier, our ability to provide a neutral platform is a great strength here.

We can offer our customers databases from competing information providers on a neutral platform, with a uniform design and accessible via one common interface. Today, we are the number-one sci-tech information provider in Germany. The aim is to become the number-one supplier for scientific information and service in the enlarged Europe.

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This article has been reprinted in its entirety from the February, issue of Information Today with Neec permission of Information Today, Inc. This website is preserved by the UK Web Archive.

And these databases are all on STN? Who are your primary customers? What is the strategy here? And how well do you think FIZ Karlsruhe performs in that respect today?

What other changes can we expect to see at FIZ Karlsruhe? What kinds of Need a fresh breeze business areas?

What is that? About Richard Poynder.