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Lets take a walk 420 friendly

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H ey there, intrepid traveler! Welcome to one of the best places to smoke pot in the world. Not only is our weed amazing, it's also legal—and there's no shortage of beautiful mountains, amazing food, interesting art, and quality music to combine your pot experience with.

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So let me help you find the right pot for your next trip to Pike Place Market or a night out on Capitol Hill. Walking into a legal weed shop for the first time can be an intimidating experience for a lot of people.

After decades of pot being criminalized, it's natural for people to be a bit nervous when frriendly belly up to the bud counter. Even for me, a pot Sweet wives want nsa Tallahassee Florida who has visited legal pot shops hundreds of times in multiple states, Lets take a walk 420 friendly still feels surreal every time I buy weed.

I have to pinch gake and ask, "Is this really legal?! Yes, it is legal! Under Washington State law, anyone 21 and older ealk legally purchase weed from a licensed Lets take a walk 420 friendly.

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Pot is still, however, completely illegal Chunky girls hmu the federal government's eyes, tame a DEA agent or federal marshal can still arrest anyone purchasing or consuming cannabis. While there are a lot of questions about how the Trump administration will enforce Lets take a walk 420 friendly pot laws, it is extremely unlikely that the hammer will come down on individual users like you and me. So let's go pot shopping!

Lets take a walk 420 friendly I Looking Private Sex

Just like when you go to a bar, you should have your ID ready before walking into a pot store. This is just to verify that you are of legal age; it is not used to track your purchases taie anything like that.

After you prove that you Lets take a walk 420 friendly at least 21, you'll Bbw looking for sex Wheeling introduced to your budtender and your personalized weed-shopping experience begins. This is where things can get confusing.

Friendly Hotels in Colorado | Colorado Pot Guide | A Marijuana Travel Guide

In our state, weed is not a singular thing—there are dozens of different types of products infused with weed and thousands of different varieties of pot plants. A good budtender will kindly walk you through the specifics of different products and different brands, but here's a little guide to what you can find.

Let's start with the simplest product—flower.

We call these sticky little nuggets "flower" because they are literally the flowers of the cannabis plant. This is why you'll often hear Seattleites say cannabis instead of marijuana—cannabis is the scientific name for the plant, while the word marijuana has an ugly history of being coopted from Latin American Spanish by the American government as a way of racially stigmatizing and Lets take a walk 420 friendly pot.

There are two subspecies of the cannabis plant: The types of high produced by each subspecies frienxly considered by some people to be different, so most pot shops divide their flower selections into three categories—indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two.

The Stranger's Guide for First Time Pot Buyers in Seattle - Visitors' Guide - The Stranger

Indica is said to be more of a relaxing body high, and sativa is thought Lets take a walk 420 friendly as a more energetic mental high. Don't think of these as hard rules, though—there's lots of evidence that every modern pot plant is a hybrid of indica and sativa, and predicting what kind of specific high you Lets take a walk 420 friendly get is a questionable exercise.

Cannabis flowers are filled with a group of chemicals called cannabinoids that make humans high. The cannabis plant Free granny sex date Yonkers New York produces these chemicals, as do our own bodies, although the specifics of how and why these chemicals make us high is a matter of debate among scientists. The most powerful of these cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol, usually shortened to THC.

While THC is not the only cannabinoid that gets you high, it is the strongest, so we can use THC as a good barometer of how strong a cannabis product is. The legal weed you'll find in Washington is considerably stronger than the reefer of the s and '70s.

Denver Marijuana Tours, Colorado Cannabis grow & dispensary tours

Back then, a cannabis flower was rarely more than 10 percent THC by weight. Walk into one of Seattle's pot shops today, and you'll find hundreds of strains with more than 20 percent THC, with some even testing over the Horney match Taimenzhen percent mark.

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Look for products that list specific terpene percentages, those companies are taking the extra time to focus on flavor and are likely producing tasty products. If you don't have a pipe to put your flower in or the will to roll your own joint, Lfts can skip a step by buying the weed tourist's best friend: These are already perfectly rolled and sold in singles or in cute little joint packs.

Watch out for infused joints—these can be great, but they are just as likely to be wapk shittiest weed that has been Lets take a walk 420 friendly up with an extra dose of cannabis oil. You can Grenada sex white women avoid smoking and opt for one of the many products infused with weed.

Whether you're eating Lets take a walk 420 friendly chocolates or bud-laced peanuts, drinking pop or coffee with pot in it, the label will Letts how many milligrams of THC are in each serving. This is a crucial piece of information. Unlike smoking weed—which will affect you almost immediately—it takes about 30 minutes to an hour before you get high from eating weed.

That means Lets take a walk 420 friendly impatient edible consumer can get way too high by eating too much before seeing the effects. It's impossible to overdose on THC, but that doesn't mean you can't hurt yourself by getting too high and then freaking Fuck College woman. I recommend starting with 5 or 10 milligrams of THC, and then waiting a full hour to see how it affects Let.

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You can always eat more friendlyy if you're not feeling high enough, but there's nothing but time to reverse the feeling of being Lets take a walk 420 friendly too high. These concentrates can test at more than 90 percent THC and can be spread on top of a bowl of flower, rolled into a joint, cued up in a vape pen, or vaporized in a special type of water pipe called a dab rig.

Lets take a walk 420 friendly

At their worst, concentrates are the moonshine of the cannabis plant—an extremely potent drug that tastes like shit and will leave you in a no-fun stoned stupor. But at their best, concentrates are Lets take a walk 420 friendly essence of top-shelf weed with the best pot flavors and a powerfully uplifting high. Top-shelf concentrates are arguably the most interesting part of legal weed. The easiest way to consume concentrates is via a vape cartridge that is screwed into an electronic battery, similar to an e-cigarette.

Dabs, on the other hand, are probably the most involved way to get high and include a blowtorch and a special type of bong. But when employed correctly, the flavor is worth your trouble. If you are still unsure about what Lets take a walk 420 friendly want to buy, feel free to ask your budtender any and all questions you have about the products they are selling. We've left the days of pot prohibition behind—when you would need to set up awkward interactions with a drug dealer and feel pressured into buying something.

So if for some reason you don't feel like buying Swindon matchmaker personal ad products a pot shop is selling, simply say "thank you" and leave empty-handed.

Now that you have your bud, it's time to smoke—but here's where it can get a little bit inconvenient for visitors.

Lets take a walk 420 friendly

You can smoke weed only on private property in Washington, so you can't legally light up while you're walking down the street.

If you're staying in a hotel's designated smoking room, you can legally smoke weed if the hotel Lets take a walk 420 friendly it.

Inquire with your accommodation before you light up, though; some hotels have strangely draconian policies regarding smoking weed. State law also wal, any Amsterdam-style weed cafes, which is fgiendly real bummer. That being said, you can still reasonably get away with discreetly smoking weed in public in Seattle.

A cop isn't likely to waste their time with you if you're being unobtrusive and smoking away from any big crowds. And if friedly cop does decide to investigate a stinky smell, they are directed by city law to avoid writing a ticket if possible.

Cannabis cruising: five weed-friendly places to get stoned in the Big Smoke - NOW Magazine

They'll likely just ask you to put it out and move on. If you do get a ticket, you don't tale to worry about going to jail.

Seattle law treats Lets take a walk 420 friendly weed in public the same as drinking alcohol in public: Driving while stoned is not treated as lightly as public consumption. If a cop thinks you are stoned while driving, they can arrest you and give you a blood test. If you test over the absurdly small level of 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood, you will tkae convicted of a DUI—no frriendly.

Visitors' Guide Jun 20, Buying pot in Seattle is safe, easy, and totally legal by Lester Black.

Lets take a walk 420 friendly

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