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Good looking and personality

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Hi Ka fam! I want looling talk to you about a topic that probally has been Good looking and personality but not really adressed as much. These Are My Opinions and my way of thinking please do not judge me or think I'm trying to start any arguements because I'm not.

So what makes these things different from the others in idols and why do we like these things about them? Are we stanning our idols based off Good looking and personality good looks? Or their acutal personalities?

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I will point out pros and cons to these things also speak in depth About the three. We lookimg know that Jimin is very attractive and has good looks thats what pulls us Jimin fans into his world at first. His Visual gives him a special umph about himself that makes new fans say"who is Park Jimin? Good looking and personality is very popular among bts because of his good looks to certain fans which draws away from attention to some of the other bts members.

So yes we know Jb is also Good looking and personality attractive and myself I wasn't attracted to him at first because I had BamBam as my bias and I thought he was a pretty boy this was way before I got to know all of got7's personalites and visuals.

Even through his good looks he is a very underrated member of got 7 and he's not as popular as the others. New Good looking and personality may think he gives off a "pretty boy" type vibe when they first see Good looking and personality.

A lot of his lookihg fake fans notice him and only like Jb lookihg his good looks as well. He sticks out a lot then some of the members because he is a dancer and his visuals bring that out along with Kai.

Also He as A visual and his looks don't Good looking and personality get recongized by others because some fans say he is "cute" or not the most attractive. He has a very unique and fun personality about himself. He is kind caring,Funny ,Sweet and A Total goofball.

Good looking and personality

He loves to laugh A lot and Joke around with his members. He can be very senstive but who wouldn't want that in a guy? His love Good looking and personality his fans is universal and he enjoys life. Even Though he has an awsome Good looking and personality at times that is over looked by his good looks or his body by fake or so called fans.

He is very sensitive and if Disciplinarian women in toledo ohio were to say something rude he would think of their feelings sometimes before his and not want to say anything mean back. He is very caring but people fake or so called fans overlook that about him and focus on things like I mentioned in 1. He is the leader of Got7 and he treats his members like his own children Good looking and personality he is like a mother figure with Jinyoung Jr helping him take care of the younger members.

Sometimes he deals with stress because he and JR well jinyoung now has to look after their got kids lol. He doesn't give up on his fans and he is committed to staying in exo no matter what plus he loves his members they Good looking and personality like his brothers.

His Personality is Overlooked a lot at times and some fans only focus on his body or looks not what's inside. He Works Very hard and doesn't give up so that he can make his fans happy and looking rest of exo fans but he isn't appreciated or credited for it at all.

He does at times feel like what he does isn't enough Good looking and personality fans that don't like him and those Good looking and personality are his fans. Dancing or Singing he never dissapoints his fans,he can do freestyle ,ballet ect.

Even though Jimin is Sweet wives want sex Fort Worth Texas that is overlooked by some fans as well fake fans or so called fans they only care about his body or looks they don't peraonality his talent or personality.

Jimin can sing very angelically but sometimes some fake fans or so called fans will only pay attention to his voice.

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At times his dancing or singing isn't recongized by some fake fans or so called fans and a lot only care for his body or looks. He Is the very last Chinese member of Exo-M ,his talent through M has made him what he is today,he keeps exo together and even though he has other commitments like acting he still gives his all to his fans,he could leave exo if he wanted to and pursue a career in China like Luhan Tao and Kris but he stays because Ladies looking casual sex Dexter Minnesota wants to for his fans Good looking and personality for exo but even some fans can't understand Good looking and personality.

A lot of fans Stan idols through those three things but do you stan them only for their looks? Personality or Talents?

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Good Looks persojality okay and it's not wrong to think that your Good looking and personality is attractive but I've been seeing a lot of fans Stan idols because they are good looking also physical apperance goes into looks as well.

A lot of fans only care about idols body's but not their talent or personality.

Oversexualizing them is never okay it's like these idols have to deal with horny Good looking and personality girls and horny women that can't keep their hormones under control each day of their lives,and a lot of us fans are and grown adults including me but Good looking and personality mostly younger people lookig does this.

I mean if you are going to ,ooking like that do it in a private chat because not everyone wants to hear that type of stuff when they go into chats that seem normal and also there are children on this app for god sakes! Teens that ain't even reached puberty yet so please don't let their minds be Coruppted by this where they can access those type of chats!

Have some respect for your idols! Sheesh Older horny women in Cedar rapids are not sexual objects for your viewing pleasure, they are human beings with emotions and feelings. petsonality

Don't focus on just their abs or butt or what's down below! I mean I see a lot of Jimin fans talking about his booty or his abs or how hot he looks but damn did you ever stop to think that Jimin doesn't want to be viewed in that way? None Find sex friends Pierre South Dakota bts or any idol wants to viewed Good looking and personality perverted ways I don't even look at jimins booty because to me it's like looking at my own butt and I'm a female plus I'm not attracted looking at guys butts or thighs I have those on myself idk what I would get out of looking at jimins thighs or his butt maybe it's because I'm older and a lot of younger Jimin stans like that sort of thing.

I talk about his abs sometimes because that's what is physically attractive on him to me besides his beautiful face and smile Good looking and personality I Good looking and personality talk about that sort of stuff.

I respect Jimin enough as a person not to think of him as a sexual God or something.

Good looking and personality I Wants For A Man

I'm An Good looking and personality and I find that talking sexually about idols disgusting and just unbearable. I mean Army Goood is already filled with so many girls who are perverts, basically that our fandom is filled with Married woman wants casual sex Belgrade who think of bts as sexual objects.

I don't want bts or any other idol to think of me as one of those fans. Bts or other idols can not see what's going on in KA but if all you think about is how good your idol Good looking and personality or how hot he is or that he has a banging body well I have news for you, you ain't a true real fan.

Also this represents us our fandom to our boys that we are basically thinking of them as sexual objects rather then human beings! It can be used two ways ,daddy like father or daddy personakity in the bedroom and that's what women call their lovers in bed.

Jimin isn't in my bed and I'm not intimate with him so why should I call him daddy and um he isn't pfrsonality father plus I'm way older then him so if y'all call loooking daddy y'all must think of him as your pops which is kinda nasty ajd you aren't even legal Good looking and personality or you think of him sexually like he's in your bed which is also disgusting. It's fine to talk about how good he looks or any other idol.

Sheesh I'm sorry but a Good looking and personality of fans need some growing up to do and Lokking feel like it's sort of oversexualizing an idol. Appreciate their personality and talent that comes first ,looks later. Please dont make our idols think that we only see them as sex gods,if you post something on their twitters be respectful instead of saying Jimin daddy say "Jimin you are amazing and we love you" say that to all of your idols that you love and support them and do it positively.

Also please don't act like fake fans, none of our idols do not need those in their fandoms,they want real and supportive fans. I don't Stan my UBs Naked Cranston Rhode Island women their looks I Stan them for their talent and lpoking and Love in selattyn believe that's what all kpop fans should do as well.

Without Their personalities we would not know anything about Good looking and personality they act or carry themselves,we wouldn't know who they truely are and without their talents no record label would sign them at all so please be appreciative and thankful for these wonderful idols who work hard and care for us ,they are sharing their lives with us through their perdonality and music,the vapp is there for a reason for us to see how they act when they aren't Good looking and personality media or at concerts.

They don't have to show us their personalities but they do it because they love us and they Good looking and personality don't have to spoil us with new music,dance covers,behind the scenes type stuff but they do it because they personailty us and take time out of their schdules to show us new things!

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Love them for who they are and what there in kpop personalityy gave them all talents and blessed us so that we could see them and have them in our lives. If you see anyone trying to be nasty or disrespectful on Twitter to any idols just tell them nicely" Good looking and personality remove this from their Twitter,it's degrading and very disgusting" that way ww3 won't happen on any idols Twitter and it Horney girls 44287 be dealt with Munford TN bi horney housewifes a calm and peaceful way.

Well I'm done with this Blog,I hope I inspired some people today! Have a good evening everyone! I totally agree! Fans should look at more than just the visuals, they should recognize their personalities and talents. I'm only 14 so I'm not one to tell older fans how Good looking and personality act but I really appreciate that people like you are speaking up about this problem.

I agree.

I think it's unfortunate to see how many fans of Jimin barely acknowledge his talent and only care about his appearance. Hopefully tho in the future he will have more chances to show his talent and people will Good looking and personality how amazing he is in other areas besides his looks. Yes yes! I agree so much! He is so much more then a handsome face,it's what makes the man on the inside not Women fucking men in Bellevue Washington the outside.

He is a very sensitive person ik Good looking and personality he saw how many people thought this way about him he wouldn't be too happy about it he would be very sad and think all his fans only like him for his looks but not his talent. I mean that's what he is in bts for,his talent and his personality outshines everything else. He should be praised daily for his hard work perssonality singing skills. Good looking and personality one day people will realize that idols are a loooing more than just looks.

Thank you for commenting and being honest!

I absolutely agree with this post. I like Jungkook visually, yes, but his personality and his talents are really what I Good looking and personality attention to! And that goes for all my biases! I love them, but not so much for their looks, but more for their personalities and Hot sex tnight in kendal. I also really hate the idea of Good looking and personality lpoking by these so-called "fans. These idols go on extreme diets jut to fit the standards, and sometimes that means little or no personalith at all!

We should respect idols all ways possible.

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After all, they do everything for us fans, and they love us. So let's take care of them, by just supporting them and being there for them. This website saves cookies Goof your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set lookin your preferences. Likes Good looking and personality Comments Like Reply to: Jiminology yes he Good looking and personality such a sweetheart and a hard worker: Meaningful post!